Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Help!  I'm being poisoned!
Since Jean took away my dry food I'm eating raw food.  It's 95% venison, duck and sometimes other things but those are my favorites.  I hate change but I do really love the raw food, it makes me feel like a big tiger.  I have to chew and chew, I had almost forgot how to chew.  If I had known that real meat was so good I might have considered killing something when I was living in Alabama and going outside.  Oh, just that thought made me gag!  No killing, I'll just have my meat out of the freezer, thank you.   Aside from missing my dry kibble, Jean gives me melted coconut oil in a syringe twice a day and it makes me gag.  I gag when I see it even before she gets to me.  Sometimes I just think about it and gag.  She says it's making me feel better because I don't limp now and I walk around more, my fur looks good and I've stopped licking the fur off my belly,  but it's just spring and every cat feels better when it's spring.  I know it has nothing to do with that horrible coconut oil!  It is nice that I get yogurt after I have the dreaded coconut oil. 

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