Friday, October 14, 2011

I just can't believe it!

They are leaving again!  This time Tom's going because his bag is packed.  I keep up with all this since nobody tells me anything!  I know how many bags and who they belong to.  I also know when the big cooler on rollers gets loaded up they are only going for a day to get a lot of groceries.  
There is a rabbit living behind a bush by the back door.  I went out late yesterday afternoon and the rabbit wouldn't get away from the door.  I was afraid it was going to try to come in the house or maybe it was going to bite me when I tried to come in, it was very annoying!  I couldn't concentrate and have much fun for that pesky rabbit so I had to catch it not looking and make a dash for the door.  It sits outside the door and stares at me when I'm looking out.  I thought rabbits were afraid of cats, I just don't get these rabbits!  I think they are mean and devious and may not even be real rabbits, there's just no telling!  
Steve will be here to stay with me some of the time, I'll be alone a lot more than I want to be!  I sure hope Steve doesn't let the rabbit come in the house!
I'll tell you how my week went when Jean gets back so I can use the computer......sigh.

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  1. Purr! Greetings from Ari and Robert. Robert is my human, he's an artist too and I model for him constantly. We live in San Francisco in a hotel with dogs next door and down the hall, but they're little dogs. I could probably take the yapping one that hates me if I had to but I have Robert to defend me if she attacks.

    I only have one artist but he's a disabled one. So I'm a model and a service cat. I'm thinking of getting certified so I can go with him when he goes out, because Robert doesn't take care of himself when I'm not around to supervise him. He'll overexert and get sick.

    I hate that kind of absence. I had that once when we were moving. Robert and I had to fly on different planes and it was awful. I had to stay with the people that evicted him for three whole days, but he phoned me up and talked to me to let me know he wasn't going to leave me. I purred at him on the phone to let him know I wasn't abandoning him. I was glad to leave because my arch rival in that house was a mean cat, we used to fight all the time even if I didn't want to bother.

    I hope Steve is a good temporary human. Sometimes they can be fun and you can relax with them and have a good time. Some of the people who helped me once in a while if Robert was in the hospital were pretty cool to be around. You get pot luck with temporaries, it's much better to keep your own humans close since they're already trained.

    There are some critters just like that. Your mean rabbit reminds me of the crazy sparrow that jumped up in my face and beat my nose with its wings. That sparrow was psycho! Birds are supposed to be scared of cats, not go all ninja into their face. It was months before I could enjoy bird watching again.

    I'd stay in and stay out of psycho rabbit's way. Prey that's too confident has a hidden advantage. Either that or it's suicidal, but if it has nothing to lose you still might get bit.

    Take it easy and catch some Z's while they're gone. They'll be back before you know it, hopefully with plenty of catnip and other treats to make up for their absence.