Saturday, November 5, 2011


It's a cool, windy day today.  A good day to stay inside and have a snuggle in a warm bed!  
I found out what a buffet is and I like buffets!  About a week ago, I threw up so Jean gave me a little canned cat food with some extra water and some raw steak chopped up real fine.  I was in her studio where my bowl of dry food always has been so she brought the other two bowls and put them in a row beside my dry food, so it was dry food, raw beef, then canned food, then water glass.  I was amazed at the choices!  I wanted to enjoy and take it all in because this was special to a cat who only has one thing at a time!  I sat in front of the bowls, looking back and forth for a minute just savoring the concept of "buffet".  Then, I walked around the dishes deciding how and where I wanted to start.  Then, I sat for a while again just enjoying.  My tummy was more than ready for me to eat so I started.  One bite of dry food, one bite of beef, one bite of canned food and repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat and just because it was so fun I couldn't help myself........repeat!  I finished off with a nice drink of water.  WOW!  That was fun!  Since then, I've been looking sadly to the right where the other two bowls sat when Jean gives me food, but she just ignores me!  I'm trying to be a really good kitty since I can't just throw up when I want to, well not always anyway.  I hope if I'm really good, I'll get to have a buffet again!

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