Sunday, March 24, 2013

Well, it's been a really long time since I posted!  Jean says we'll try to do it once every week or two.  I hope so! 
Here is a picture of me just letting the breeze blow on my belly while I relax and have a little cat nap.
I am almost 16 now.  I wasn't feeling too great but I'm on an all raw food diet and I get two squirts of coconut oil twice a day.  I am not fond of getting things squirted in my mouth but I have to admit that it does make me feel better and I really like the raw food.  I have always had a bowl of dry food and that is gone, I miss it.  I don't miss eating it, I just miss it being there in case I need it.  The raw food makes me feel like a wild cat.  Not that I have ever gone out and caught my food, yuck!  Food should be served in a bowl well prepared for a cat like me. 

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