Sunday, September 4, 2011


I like tarantulas, I think they are cute and would be fun to toss in the air but Jean watches me like a hawk when I'm outside and she won't let me play with them.  You should hear her screaming and jumping around when I get close to one, then she grabs me and takes me inside.  When we first moved here I found one.  I patted it on the back and it felt nice so similar to one of the pom pom balls that I like.  A tarantula was living in a hole in front of the house, I had been watching it.  One day it was out of the hole, sitting on the water hose when Jean came along and picked up the hose.  The tarantula got off the hose and headed toward it's house when she saw it and had one of her fits, of course!  She put a rock on the hole but in a few days the tarantula had made an escape route beside the rock, they are smart, another thing I like about them.  I thought I was eventually going to get to play with it but then here comes Steve over!  They got a jar and Steve brought his video camera, you can see what happened next if you watch this video:  Jean held the camera and missed the part where it came up out of that hole, I think she got busy having one of her fits.  I wanted to grab it but I was told to stay out of the way!  They took the poor tarantula way over on the other side of the road, I've been watching the hole area in case he comes back but so far there has been no activity.  I put my eye over the hole and looked but he's not home!

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