Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Taking my job seriously!

As you know by now, I am a working cat.  I live with two artists.  I have to pose for paintings sometimes and that is really really hard!  Other times, I have to pose for photos and that's hard enough, believe me!  When someone clicks their fingers, I have to look at those fingers and stay that way until they say OK.  I would rather pose for pictures than for paintings because I can't take naps or even go pee until the timer goes off.  When that happens, it's a welcome relief and I hope it's over but it's usually not!  I do take my job seriously and do my best to please.  You can see how hard I'm concentrating in this picture of me with the peach blossoms.  I got to smell all the peach blossoms before work began, I have to smell all the flowers that come into the house.  I sure was glad there wasn't a bee or an ant on there, I really don't like bees, I'll tell you why one day.
Now, here is the painting that was done from the photograph.  A person in Texas bought it because she loved that my nose is exactly the color of peach blossoms, who knew!  

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  1. Wow! You're good! I don't pose that long. I taught my artist Robert to do Two Minute Gesture Drawings. That's exactly how long I stay in one pose before I move. When I move he has to stop and do a new drawing.

    He's getting pretty good at it and when he wants to paint me, he uses photos or he uses those gesture sketches and then checks my details in whatever position I'm in. You're incredible at the modeling business, holding a pose that long at a snapped finger. Wow. A serious professional.

    The painting is gorgeous too. You're good looking and that helps your artists a lot. Your nose is the same color as the peach blossoms. Mine is black and my eyes are pale blue and I'm brown with darker feet and tail and mask, a color point long hair.

    Ari the San Francisco modeling cat.