Thursday, August 25, 2011

Art day!

Today was art day, I hate art day!  It messes up my routine.  I don't even come out and say hello unless it's a direct order and then I have to be nice  and let everyone pet me if they want to.  Sometimes they want to see my belly (I have a really pretty belly, Jean tells me all the time) and feel the soft fur there, I really don't want strangers touching me there, what if they are dirty or what if they put something on me that doesn't smell good or what if they have fleas!  Yikes!  Most of the time they stay out in Studio 3 and paint and if they have to be here, that 's the best place for them.  They left a little while ago and I'm so happy!  I get in my chair and take out the days' frustration by sharpening my claws and making a lot of noise.  Then I talk about how awful it was and tell them not to ever invite those people over here ever again but they will because they like to have the people.  I have to stay on guard when they are here because one of them might come in and want to pet me or heaven forbid pick me up and who knows one of them might try to take me home with them!  One woman said she could just eat me up, well I can tell you that didn't make me like her any better!  I'm too well mannered to be rude but I was thinking, "lady, you just try it and I'll show you what I'm made of!".  One good thing is they haven't made me model for the group yet but there is that possibility because I've heard them talk about how much fun it would be to paint me............oh my, another thing to worry about on art day! 

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