Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Morning

My first job of the day is to make rounds.  I check everywhere to make sure a sneaky rabbit, bird or other critter from outside hasn't invaded my space during the night.  I look in all the rooms, under things and behind things and I open all doors that I can! The humans don't know it but I check perimeters a couple of times during the night too but I have to be very quiet for a lot of reasons.  Usually everything is fine.  The next order of business since Tom has opened the front and back doors this time of year is to guard the doors.  I stand guard and show the rabbits that I'm fit and ready for battle if they try coming in.  There are these birds that fly up and land on the screen pretending to get a bug off it but I know they are casing the joint and I slap the screen which makes them go away for a little while. Jean and Tom don't seem to realize the danger, they just sit around drinking tea and coffee while I keep us all safe.  

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